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A local regenerative family-run farm secluded in the mountains of Costa Rica
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The Navarro Arias family

At Rancho Rana Roja we welcome you into the family and want to make you feel at home. It is a blessing to be able to share our home, culture, and the love of our family with visitors.

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Costa Rica: Cascada Rana Roja - Pérez Zeledón ¡Qué buen lugar! HD

Costa Rica: Cascada Rana Roja - Pérez Zeledón ¡Qué buen lugar! HD

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"I recommend everything, they have an excellent service, the food is very good, the place is very nice and clean, if you are looking for some peace and tranquility it is the ideal place"

-Joaquin Ramirez

"A beautiful place, full of nature, excellent service to the public, and delicious food. We have gone several times and hope to visit many more"

- Dayan Monge González

Red Frog is one of our all time favorite places! They have great food, tilapia ponds, amazing trails, beautiful waterfalls you can swim in, nature, wildlife, great cabins, all in a rural setting. It's a true cultural experience not to be missed!"

-Matt Spackman

"Lo recomiendo TODO, el trato de los dueños, una familia increíble, totalmente entregados por quienes los  visitamos.

los senderos, las pozas, sus cabañas ubicadas a la par del río, la comida espectacular  cocinada a la leña y los paisajes increíbles, que más les puedo decir, un ambiente de paz ideal para descansar y disfrutar de la naturaleza."

-  Jose Villalobos

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